Why Resilient

Resilient Infrastructure Group™
develops and invests in transformative water solutions with partners that provide technical innovation, disciplined engineering, and reliable operations to meet our clients’ site-specific business, financial, and sustainability objectives.

We are uniquely positioned to develop, deliver and manage comprehensive and best-in-class solutions to reach client objectives and business unit requirements. Through our partnership, we coordinate complex, multi-disciplinary decision making to achieve site-specific technical, financial, and sustainability objectives.

Experience and expertise
Collectively, our team possesses more than 150 years of collective domain knowledge in the water industry, spanning all the steps involved in project development and finance, and cutting across both the municipal and industrial sectors. In a business where trust and reliability are of paramount importance, our leadership is well known and highly respected by players across the board.

Our longstanding immersion in water means that we are a repository of knowledge about solutions and practices that we can utilize to address our clients’ needs. We offer value to customers in industries such as technology, food & beverage, textiles, and others in which water is an essential component of their utility strategy.

Deep resources
We also bring to clients our deep experience in project development and project finance as well as access to cost-effective financing options. An important part of our offering is our financial strength through our relationship with Partners Group, one of the largest private markets investment managers in the world with more than USD 109 billion in assets under management.

We have also established a strong and growing network of delivery partners that extend the value of our offering. They include experienced developers, technology providers, engineering and design firms, contractors, operators, and end-use customers.

Our approach
Our ‘as a service’ delivery coupled with flexible and innovative financing structures, and independent technical solutions, enables resiliency across mission critical infrastructure, operational consistency, and control over facility costs. Projects to build new facilities or upgrade existing assets drive step function improvements in sustainability metrics to reach corporate goals. Our solutions are thoughtfully planned to meet future anticipated requirements, performance expectations, and compliance obligations.

We are uniquely positioned to deliver comprehensive and best-in-class solutions to reach tailored client objectives and business unit requirements. We provide transparency throughout the entire asset lifecycle to maintain trust and deliver sustainable and enduring water solutions that meet clients’ evolving needs.

A working partnership
We see our client relationships as partnerships and not simply transactions; the formation of comprehensive options that meet client objectives is at the heart of our model. We are creative problem solvers for our clients and work together to determine unique solutions for the site-specific needs of each project.

We are here for our clients over the long haul. We are flexible, willing, able – and ready – to go the extra mile for our clients.

Accelerating the transition to water sustainability
At Resilient, sustainability is far more than just a word. It is in our DNA, at heart of our vision and the core of our business. Our commitment to sustainability underscores its essential role in ensuring the well-being of our growing population, our economic health, and the very future of our planet.

We understand the pressing need for water sustainability in order for people, economies, individual businesses – indeed, our very world – to prosper. To that end, we are committed to catalyzing the transition to sustainable water at large. Our knowledge and forward-thinking approach are what we bring to clients.

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