What We Do

Resilient develops and invests in transformative water solutions. The formation of comprehensive options that meet client objectives is the backbone of our process. We coordinate and manage complex, multi-disciplinary decision making to achieve site-specific technical, financial, and sustainability objectives. We provide transparency throughout the entire asset lifecycle to ensure trust and deliver sustainable, effective and enduring water solutions that meet clients’ evolving needs.

Our approach

We leverage our vast experience in project development and finance, and access our deep financial resources, to help our clients overcome water and wastewater resource constraints and achieve the desired outcome.

We provide full service, end-to-end site-specific solutions that range from potable water treatment and wastewater treatment to water reuse, desalination, zero-liquid discharge, stormwater management, wastewater to renewable natural gas, biosolids processing, water-related resource recovery, and solutions for improved energy/chemical efficiency.

We provide guidance to our clients as they address tightening regulatory requirements such as pollution from contaminants including PFAS and micro-plastics, using a range of treatment technologies including ultra-filtration, aeration, or disinfection.

These transformative water solutions are sustainable, long-term, resilient, enduring and reliable. Our collaborative approach with delivery partners focuses on operational excellence. A value-added client experience is the result of replication with preferred partners that include development, engineering, technology, construction, and operations companies. Our cross-disciplinary approach unleashes innovation from deep expertise and problem-solving capabilities.

“As a service”

Our end-to-end solutions are built on delivering water to each client ‘as a service’. This encompasses water and wastewater advisory, implementation, and management services. Our sustainable solutions deliver:

  • Greenfield development, funding, and operation of industrial water reuse, desalination, ultra-filtration, stormwater run-off mitigation systems, and other plants to meet site-specific needs and achieve desired corporate goals including economic benefits
  • Industrial wastewater and non-potable water reuse plant purchase and upgrade with a long-term water processing agreement to fit specific rate structure, cost savings, and sustainability needs
  • Wastewater to renewable natural gas production facility with structured processing and gas purchase/sale agreements that optimize sustainability objectives and greenhouse gas reductions
  • Municipal water plant purchase and upgrade with cost-effective concession to reach processing goals

The ‘as a service’ model offers significant benefits to the client including:

  • Preservation of capital: Our ‘as a service’ delivery unlocks capital to be used for your core business growth. No capital outlay is required.
  • Outsourcing to experts: Collaboration creates efficient use of water and wastewater experts and eliminates distraction from non-core business operations.
  • Operational consistency: Long-term service contracts establish performance expectations and address compliance requirements.
  • Improved sustainability: New and upgraded facilities drive “next generation” improvements in water and energy ESG metrics achieving corporate objectives.
  • Dependable costs: Enhanced control over utility costs provided through structured partnership agreements.
  • Resiliency: Rigorous specification of redundancy, capacity, and other requirements for mission critical infrastructure.
  • Enduring viability: Solutions are thoughtfully planned and vetted to meet future anticipated requirements.

Financing options

Our flexible and innovative financing structures combined with independent technical solutions enable clients to select the optimum approach to meet multifaceted immediate and long-term business, financial, and sustainability goals. We provide transparency throughout the entire asset lifecycle from development through long-term asset management.
Resilient has the ability to:

Acquire and upgrade facilities

Develop and fund greenfield projects

Create a water processing agreement to fit the client’s needs

Structure cost-effective municipal concessions, public private partnerships, and other long-term agreements

Sectors served

Resilient offers value to clients in sectors such as:
Education & Healthcare
Food & Beverage
Heavy Industry
Real Estate Development
Non-traditional Opportunities